The church that wasn’t: Riverside Municipal Auditorium


Riverside Municipal Auditorium

Walking down Mission Inn Avenue you can’t help but notice how many church looking buildings there are. In fact I made that mistake on my first stroll down this street. Situated next to the Riverside Art Museum is the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. Yes, I did think it was a church and it wasn’t until I took a better look that I noticed it wasn’t.

Architects, Arthur Benton and G. Stanley Wilson, designed the Riverside Municipal Auditorium in 1928. The auditorium serves the community as a meeting and live performance venue.


Front steps of the auditorium

The Riverside Wine and Beer Festival will be hosted by the RMA in December. Concerts by artists Sum 41 and Lupe Fiasco will take place in November. Latin artist Belanova and Alejandra Guzman will also perform throughout that month.

The RMA was upgraded in 2011 through a 10 million dollar renovation by the City of Riverside. The building also serves as a memorial for 87 military members from Riverside County who served in World War I. Walking around back, the auditorium has beautiful gardens and a fountain surrounded by palm trees.

The RMA can be used for special events such as receptions and banquets. For more information you can go to their website.

All images author’s own.


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