Riverside: Taco Station


Taco Station Patio

One of the things that I disliked the most when I moved away from Pomona was leaving my local eateries.

Over the past 20 years that I was in Pomona I found places that served amazing food. Alex Tacos on Mission Boulevard served the best burritos. El Cabrito on Reservoir Street had the best birria and Senor Baja on Philadelphia Street had great seafood.

Now living in Riverside I found that I’ve had to find new places that serve great food. I heard from friends that live in the area that downtown is full of great restaurants.

For me finding a restaurant that serves good Mexican food is important. It’s the food that I grew up on. When I moved to Riverside that was my first mission, finding a good Mexican restaurant was important to me.

That first day in my new home I drove all around downtown looking for a place that served Mexican food. Just as I was about to give up I drove down Mission Inn Avenue. There in a little corner I found Taco Station.

At first I didn’t think this place was that good. It looked like any random food place. Honestly I didn’t think it would have any good food. But the first time I tried their food I thought: I found my place.

I tried their burrito and it was amazing. I knew I had to go back. I decided that I would go there personally. I had to visit this place that made me so happy. The second time I visited Taco Station was with my mother. Their establishment looked like it came straight out of the 1950’s.

It has an old gas pump out in the front. They also have a 1950’s car that made the place look so cool. Their menu not only had the traditional Mexican favorites. They have things like “The Pit Stop” and “The Fender.”

I think what attracted me the most to this place was that even though their appearance makes it look like they are a very “American” restaurant their food is very Mexican.

It has such a relaxing environment. I drove down to Taco Station with my brother and a few friends. We were there for about an hour and a half. We sat outside in their patio area. It was a nice night. Everyone was really enjoying the environment that Taco Station has to offer.

It is right in Downtown Riverside. A lot of people come to downtown to hang out in bars and consume alcohol all night. I like the fact that my group of friend prefers to hang out in a mellower place.

For us it is important to find a place that allows us to have a good conversation while enjoying a great meal.

I would definitely recommend Taco Station to anyone who is visiting Downtown Riverside. It not only has a great environment, the staff is friendly and courteous. They try to make sure that your experience at their establishment is a pleasant one.

Photo: Jeff3629


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