Sweets, Treats, and Scary Streets!


Pumpkin Patch at Cal Poly Pomona

I’ve been living in Riverside for two months and while I’ve been around Downtown Riverside enough to know my way around (not really), I realized that I have never explored my own neighborhood.

I live in a gated community and honestly it’s a very small area. My old home in Pomona was located on a major intersection and I was very used to all the commotion. Now living here it feels strange to look out the window and not see a single person walk by at all hours of the day.

So we decided that Halloween night would be the night that we would finally meet some neighbors and get to know our new community. The streets were full of kids and everyone was dressed up in their costume enjoying the environment that was created by everyone on the street.

I guess I learned that you have to adapt to new surroundings and that it is not always a bad thing. This is a community filled with the sounds of children playing on the street but at the same time quiet and peaceful. Definitely not the environment I grew up in but I am glad to have such a positive change now that I can truly appreciate it.

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